Let Them Eat Vinyl’s Top 10 Love Songs

Good morning dear readers, and welcome to the Most Romantic Day of the Year! Can you feel the love? I sure hope so. Hallmark Industries needs your support, you know. Those cards don’t just write themselves. Every dollar you spend goes directly towards raises for their copywriters. I mean, that’s where the profit goes, right? Right? Of course it does.

Anyway, we marked Valentine’s Day last year by celebrating famous musical couples throughout the ages. This year, we decided to throw together a playlist of our favorite love songs for your enjoyment. Songs about love tend to be rather sappy and maudlin by nature, but we feel that these selections have the cheese factor dialed back (as much as possible, anyway) and the music level set to awesome.

Everyday – Buddy Holly

This is such a sweet, innocent love song that seems to me to hearken back to a simpler time. I always wondered why it had never been used in a movie soundtrack, and then it showed up in Big Fish. Which was pretty perfect.

Let My Love Open the Door (E.Cola Mix) – Pete Townshend

I think this might just be my favorite tune on this list. It is basically ‘Baba O’Riley’ – a.k.a. one of the greatest songs of all time – rewritten as a love song. Amazing.

I Want You to Want Me – Cheap Trick

“I want you to want me / I need you to need me / I’d love you to love me…”

I mean, that’s pretty much what it all comes down to, right?

Fresh Feeling – Eels

A song about being next to someone who makes you feel that life is full of possibilities.

Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney

I always thought Paul had the best voice, and I love the way he sings this song.

Here — Pavement

Okay, so maybe this isn’t technically a love song, but it’s probably as close as Pavement ever got to writing a romantic(ish) ballad. Plus I love it, so it makes sense to me to include it here.

I Won’t Share You – The Smiths

Johnny Marr’s guitar playing on this track kills me. It is just so pretty.

Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

A beautiful song, full of longing.

Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac

I generally prefer Stevie Nicks’ voice over Christine McVie’s, but this song is AMAZING.

Show Me Heaven – Maria McKee

I had to throw one cheesy song selection in here.* It’s Valentine’s Day, y’all!

*No, ‘Everywhere’ doesn’t count. There is nothing cheesy about Tango In the Night-era Fleetwood Mac. Nothing.

Plus, this song was featured in Days of Thunder, obviously one of the most romantic movies of all time…

days of thunder

Tom + Nicole Forever

We’ve also compiled our picks onto a handy little playlist for you here:

Please enjoy yourselves tonight, kids, and be safe. Let us know your favorite songs about L-O-V-E.

Love and kisses,

Let Them Eat Vinyl

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