Book Review Final Grades

Vince Neil VINCE NEIL: Books with the Vince Neil grade are like the Crüe’s frontman — shallow, bloated, overhyped. Sure the cover may be flashy (check out those acid-washed jeans  — amazing) but ultimately there’s just not much there.




Mick MarsMICK MARS: He may not have garnered as much attention as his more notorious bandmates, but the dude is solid. Books with this grade may be slightly lacking in the excitement department, but they have decent writing and an entertaining story.





Tommy Lee - ClassicTOMMY LEE: Before Pamela, before the sex tape, before the dreads… books with this grade are just wicked good times, dude…






Nikki Sixx NIKKI SIXX: Just like the Crüe’s awesome bass player, books with the Nikki Sixx grade are the gold standard – i.e. totally epic.






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