Favourite Song: where the streets have no name

Favourite Music Bio: mötley crüe: the dirt

Other Likes & Interests: art school, lasers, the ‘80s, YA lit,
goths, machine vs. man, man vs. nature, rock & roll mcdonalds


Favourite Song: moonlight feels right

Favourite Music Bio: no one here gets out alive

Other Likes & Interests: villains & heroes, comic book lore, sci-if films, popular music, aesthetics, semantics, justice, surprising facts, evolutionary psychology, black holes, french robots performing disco and any sport except soccer


favorite song: brain salad surgery “karn evil 9” all 3 impressions

favorite music bio: up and down with the rolling stones

other likes & interests: photography, working with wood, metal, earthy stuff, getting my hands dirty, dogs, listening to people like noam chomsky, christopher hitchens, richard dawkins, reading anything except novels (well sometimes), nature, foreign politics, wine, culinary arts, women and song, league of distinguished gentlemen and the distinguished beer that we consume when we assemble, slamming peoples’ religions, pondering life, trying to find “art” in everything!


favorite song: my valuable hunting knife

favorite music bio: appetite for destruction: the days of guns n’ roses

other likes & interests: black liquorice, angels, SX-70

Damn You Skylon

favorite song: toss up between so lonely and la cienega just smiled

favorite music bio: hammer of the gods: the led zeppelin saga

other likes & interests: people i can’t pigeon-hole, god-fearing blasphemers, flamenco-dancing sharp shooters, soft-spoken-humans turned larger-than-life performers

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