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Things the Grandchildren Should Know

things the grandchildren should know

Author: Mark Oliver Everett

What’s The Story, Morning Glory: The life & times of an indie rocker

Who Are You: Awesomely weird

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy: Most definitely

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About: Mental illness, suicide, quantum theory

Paperback Writer: Like talking to a new old friend

Add It Up: An absolute pleasure, sir

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Movie Madness: Bieber in 3D

never say never

Dearest, dearest readers. Here at Let Them Eat Vinyl, we are ever devoted to bringing you the latest in music and pop culture news.  There is no mountain too high, no valley too low, no rock left unturned in our quest to inform, amuse, and delight you.

The latest adventure in the name of our noble cause came in the form of an expedition to the local multiplex on a sunny Monday afternoon.  What, pray tell, was our destination? A last-minute viewing of an Oscar contender in advance of this weekend’s ceremonies, perhaps? Nay. Instead, we were en route to witness the Odyssean tale of a young boy’s meteoric rise to the top, armed with nothing but a voice, a dream, and a blow dryer.

That boy, of course, is Justin Bieber. “How has one so young become such a global star, so quickly?” we wondered to ourselves. “What power and influence now lie at his fingertips?” and, of course, “What is the purpose of that haircut?”

The answers, dear reader, lie within…

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Happy Birthday to You! Duke Ellington’s “Take the A Train”

you guys! do you know what today is? it’s the 70th birthday of duke ellington’s “take the A train”.  seventy!! it’s aged so well — doesn’t sound a day over twenty-five!

take the a train

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My Bloody Valentine

sid & nancy

Lest you think that we here at Let Them Eat Vinyl are only about music, let us reassure you that we are also very well versed in the matters of the heart. In fact, we are currently lounging at LTEV headquarters drinking red wine, listening to Serge Gainsbourg records, and making out with each other.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we got to thinking about famous/infamous partnerships in music. Here, a roundup of celebrated musical couplings:

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Even though their passion burned brightly, in the end these couples just couldn’t go the distance:

  • Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithfull – He was pretty, she was pretty, but it wasn’t meant to be
  • George Harrison & Patti Boyd – Boyd left Harrison for Clapton
  • Eric Clapton & Patti Boyd – Boyd left Clapton for Harrison

You Give Love a Bad Name

Rock & roll’s most dysfunctional relationships:

  • Ike & Tina turner – Domestic abuse is always tragic, but fortunately Tina got the last laugh
  • Liam & Noel Gallagher – Taking sibling rivalry to the extreme
  • Phil Spector & rational thought – PHIL:  “Should I pull a gun on John Lennon?” PHIL’S BRAIN:  “I can’t see any reason why not!”

does this man look sane to you?

Love is the Drug

Co-dependent much? Famous junkie relationships in rock & roll:

  • Steven Tyler & Joe Perry – Heroin, rehab
  • Kurt & Courtney – Heroin, suicide
  • Sid & Nancy – Heroin, homicide

toxic twins

It’s a Family Affair

Groups famous for their inter-band relationships:

  • Fleetwood Mac – Between Lindsey & Stevie, Stevie & Mick, and John & Christine Mcvie’s divorce  — it’s a wonder any music was getting made at all.
  • The Mamas & the Papas – Look, I’m sorry, but if I were around back then I would have run off with Michelle Phillips too. She was SO PRETTY.
  • The White Stripes – The self-proclaimed brother and sister were actually ex- husband and wife. An intriguing yet confusing ruse.

who's zoomin who?

Let Love Rule

Because it’s not all dysfunction & hearbreak:

  • Paul & Linda McCartneyy – You guys, they were only apart for like 8 days during their entire marriage. That’s devotion.
  • John & Yoko – Two wacky kids who were perfect for each other. Only an assassin’s bullet could keep them apart.
  • Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa – Okay, so their relationship started out as adultery, but these two have been together for twenty years & counting.

obviously meant to be

Now, dear readers, you tell us:

Who’s Your Valentine?

Let Them Eat Vinyl’s Celebrity Crushes:


For me it always has been & always will be Paul Simonon of The Clash. He had incredible style and attitude. And oh yeah, he was SUPER hot…

spencer's future husband

The Finn:

Seventies-era Stevie Nicks. I couldn’t stop looking at the front cover of Rumors and the picture of her in the inside sleeve. She sorta had a Farah Fawcett thing going on for me, but with that haunting voice.

young Finn's fantasy woman

And you, sweet reader? Who’s your valentine? Can be anyone past or present, dead or alive (hey, if Mozart rocks your socks, who are we to judge). Tell us all about it in the comments! We absolutely will not think any less of you (unless you are over the age of 12 and pick Justin Bieber).

Spotlight on Style: Jimi Hendrix

everyone knows that rock stars have the best style. they can get away with wearing the most outrageous ensembles (bootsy collins, seriously, wtf) and no one so much as bats an eyelash. i have a theory for why this is the case: a) they don’t have corporate day jobs that require them to wear stuffy work clothes, and b) they are somewhat insane.

our first “spotlight on style” profiles a man who needs no introduction. one of the greatest guitar players of all time, he was also an exceptionally stylish fellow. he fused day-glo psychedelic patterns, boho-esque flowing scarves, and sgt. pepper-style military regalia into one sartorially splendorific mess.

let us examine some of his most flamboyant stylings:


jimi was clearly a fan of the military jacket, and he rocked it hard, pairing it with skinny trousers & gold medallions:

jimi hendrix military jacket 1

jimi hendrix drumming

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Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga

hammer of the gods

Author: Stephen Davis

What’s the Story, Morning Glory: Setting the bar for rock star excess

Who Are You: Four very talented musicians who weren’t afraid to sell their souls to the devil

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy: I actually just wanna be Jimmy Page

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About: The “red snapper” incident, underage groupies, the occult

Paperback Writer: Spellbinder

Add It Up: One of my all-time faves

Heavier Than Heaven

Heavier Than Heaven

Author: Charles R. Cross

What’s the Story, Morning Glory: The very sad story of a brilliant, troubled, fragile soul

Who Are You: The reluctant voice of a generation

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy: Surprisingly…no

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About: Two words — Courtney & heroin

Paperback Writer: The big leagues

Add It Up: Put it on your reading list

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