Two Songs, One Name

good vibrations

You know what’s funny? When two very different songs share the same name. Especially when it leads to confusing/embarrasing conversations like this one:

Spencer’s (much cooler) friend: “‘Good Vibrations’ is such a great tune…”
Spencer: “Oh ya, I love Marky Mark!”
Spencer’s friend: “Um…I was talking about the Beach Boys song…”
Awkward silence as both parties realize the extent of Spencer’s lameness.

Don’t get me wrong, the Beach Boys’ version is also awesome, but how can you not love the Funky Bunch’s ridiculous ’90s dance moves? And Marky Mark’s shirtless posing. Not to mention that gold glitter hat…

Here are the two songs, side by side:

Oh man! I’m just gonna say it: they are both great. That’s the beauty of two songs with one name — unlike your typical classic vs. cover scenario, you don’t really have to measure how they stack up to one another, or choose between them. You can instead just enjoy each song for what it is. And although these two couldn’t be more different in some ways, when it comes down to it they are both songs about the thrill of hitting that sweet spot, where everything is just waves and waves and waves of good times.

4 responses to “Two Songs, One Name

  • Trevor Black

    there’s only two kinds of music good & bad…it’s only whether or not there is a redeeming factor in it for you….

    Interesting song choices to compare though. I just randomly picked two CD out of my collection to see if there were song titles of the same name, and I got, Sly & the family stones (Life) plus Front line Assembly’s (Life) I’m sure these two are juxtaposed but giving off conceptually the same message…life is what you make it!

    • Spencer

      Hahaha I like what you’re saying about good and bad music. Apparently there are redeeming features for me with lots of ‘bad’ music! Sometimes I love it.

      Stay tuned for more comparisons…

  • Joe Iriarte

    Hmm . . . Like Neil Diamond’s “America” and Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”! (Ooh, and it even has the Guilty Pleasure Goodness of Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations”!)

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