Spotlight on Style: Converse All Stars

converse all stars

When I was 9 or 10 I got the idea in my head that I wanted a pair of plaid Converse high tops. Believe it or not, they weren’t such an easy thing to find back then. I mean, nowadays you can get all sorts of crazy prints, colors and styles, but at the time it was the mid-’80s, and I wanted a pretty specific color scheme — dark blue and turquoise plaid. I was a very particular 5th grader. I searched for ages but couldn’t find what I was looking for, and finally settled for a classic pair of bubblegum pink ones (whether you are a guy or a girl, 10 years old or 50, you cannot go wrong with pink Converse).

So began my love affair with Converse All Stars. Since then, not a year has gone by that I haven’t worn them. I’ve had numerous pairs — navy, kelly green, black (of course), silver zebra print, turquoise velvet, and most recently white leather. My favourite pair ever were black and white checkered canvas. I bought them in grade 10 and I still have them to this day. They are pretty beat-up by now, as you can see:

all stars

I went to visit my friend Ryan in L.A. the summer after my first year of university, and in the midst of a particularly late night drinking session I inexplicably decided it would be a good idea to color them in black with a magic marker. I regretted this move the next morning, but luckily the black wore off some and you can still see the checkered pattern underneath. I have been wearing them for 20 years and they are still one of the best pairs of shoes I’ve ever had.


Not surprisingly, I love it when dudes wear Converse. It’s just such a great look. Gets me every time.

kurt cobain

To this day I have still never stumbled upon a pair that are dark blue and turquoise plaid, but I’ve always got my eyes open. I am confident they will find their way into my life someday.

7 responses to “Spotlight on Style: Converse All Stars

  • Gregor.

    Converse Weapons were my kicks of choice when I was a young baller, but my wife’s been obsessed with Chuck’s since 2006 when we visited Buenos Aires and ALL the beautiful people were sporting them. A classic style for classy kids.

    • Spencer

      Converse Weapons! Nice!!
      Yeah, pretty much everyone looks good in Chuck Taylors. They are super versatile. You can wear ’em with jeans, or with a suit. Or a dress. So amazing. Love them.
      “A classic style for classy kids” — well said, my friend.

  • Mark roininen

    I always used to where the cream low cuts. Except for a brief period in the late 80’s when I had a pair of pink low cuts, seemed right at the time. Now I am partial to the leather bleached white high cut- more support and a little more water proof.

    Chucks Forever

  • Ted

    My first pair of Chucks was a pair of Pink Low Cuts, I picked them up for $10 in a clearance rack in 1990. At the time I was working at a hospital with guys who had severe brain injuries and severe behaviour problems. I wore them every day, then found another pair for $5 in a clearance rack. All my co-workers were jealous. Had a few other pairs, blue and cream over the years but can’t wear them anymore, they wreck my feet, and I am not going to sacrifice for fashion so back to Doc’s.

    • Spencer

      Dude!! I totally feel for you! I can’t believe you can’t wear them anymore šŸ˜¦ But Doc’s are a pretty stylish alternative, so at least you can rock those!

  • Trevor Black

    like Chucky said, friends to the end…

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