I Love This Song Like a Lovesong, Baby


We are not music snobs here at LTEV. If someone wants to throw on Britney Spears or Rush*, who are we to judge? (Please see: my embarrassing love for Enrique Iglesias). The point is, when it comes to music, you like what you like and there’s no sense fighting it.

*The Finn is the biggest Rush geek ever.

And yet…every once in a while I find myself totally loving a song that surprises even me. I mean, I know very well the type of ultra-cheesy pop that my taste in music sometimes veers towards (again, may I repeat, Enrique Iglesias) but this one…well, this was unexpected. Given the fact that I am not a tween and all (although I do watch the Disney channel fairly often, so, you know…I guess this actually does kind of make sense).

I blame the video. Sometimes a good video can allow a song to worm its way into your consciousness without you realizing it. I love this video. Selena Gomez is ADORABLE. Like, she looks like a tiny, perfect little doll, doesn’t she? I just want to scoop her up and put her in my pocket. The bit where she channels Max Headroom kills me. Kids these days! She is too cute for words.


Selena is, of course, famously dating Justin Bieber. It would be supergross and pervy to have a crush on either one of them (especially him), but the two of them together are like the walking, talking embodiment of teenage first love & thus they are kind of fascinating to watch. When they break up, I wonder who will be the first to release a song about it. Is it wrong that I am kind of looking forward to finding out? Not to worry, it won’t happen any time soon! For now, their love is still “magical, lyrical, beautiful…” And I keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat…

2 responses to “I Love This Song Like a Lovesong, Baby

  • Ted Newbigging

    Since when is it wrong to judge others based on poor musical taste? ?? Disco sucked when I was in high school! The funny thing is it nice to hear all those familiar old disco tunes and really it does not suck half as bad as the new “disco”, hip hop or rap or whatever you call that remixed crap that is being passed off as music these days. Also I agree that Rush and Geek are two terms that go well together, sorry ThinFinn. But Enrique come on Spencer, “I” could be your hero baby. Just poking fun. Different strokes for different folks for sure and it is funny how attached we sometimes become to “bad” pop music. XO

    • Spencer

      What can I say? I love me some Enrique Iglesias. You are fully entitled, and correct, to tease me about it. It is extremely embarassing and lame.
      I know, I used to hate ABBA, Bee Gees, and most other disco…but now find myself coming around to it. Gah. I guess that’s what getting older does for ya.
      Can’t wait to rock out at the Rockstars Christmas Party with you!!

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