I’ve Been Thinking, Thinking About You, About Us…

emma louise

So, here’s the deal. There’s this awesome new scripted show on MTV (I know, right? I totally thought they were only doing reality shows now) called Awkward. I’ve tried to force The Finn to watch it with me, but he’s having none of it, because it’s a “teen” show. For anyone out there who likes that sort of thing (which I’m guessing is not many of you since you’re probably not as lame as I am), find this show online and watch it now, I’m telling you. It’s got a lovably snarky main character (Jenna), awesomely weird friends, plus the requisite super-hot-but-emotionally-distant love interest (Matty) as well as a secondary nice-guy love interest (Matty’s best friend, Jake. Oh yes people, it’s that kind of love triangle. I mean, the Best Friend Love Triangle. This will not end well). At the end of the season finale, our main character is torn between Matty and Jake, but there are some MAJOR swoons going on all over the place and honestly, I don’t even know who I like best. I keep going back and forth. Emotionally Distant Matty is totally…well, emotionally distant, but he is so cute. Witness:

matty & jenna

Awwww...are these two meant to be together or what?

Jake, on the other hand, is REALLY nice and totally into Jenna and not making her hide their relationship. So he gets major points for that.

jenna & jake

Also cute together...gah! I can't decide!

But Matty and Spencer Jenna really do have the best chemistry, and in the end chemistry trumps all, right? Plus Matty definitely redeems himself big time in one of the final episodes, which has a ‘Sixteen Candles’ theme — obviously one of the best movies of all time, and not only because Molly Ringwald’s character’s name is Samantha (which just so happens to be the given name of yours truly).

Anyway, it was during this episode that I first heard today’s Song of the Day. It’s playing in the background just after Matty knocks on Jenna’s door and proceeds to be totally adorable and emotionally available at last, which we all know is the magical formula for getting into the pants of teenage girls (or probably girls of any age, for that matter).


Yeah...she didn't stand a chance.

So here’s today’s Song of the Day, ‘Jungle’ by Emma Louise:

9 responses to “I’ve Been Thinking, Thinking About You, About Us…

  • Trevor Black

    oh! no not another Gossip girl! We all have a little secret sentiment for some of the stuff that goes on in these things, because it’s desire, lust, heart break, social conditioning or lack of it…or just to be forever young dump and full of cum.

    I’m sorry, but I’d rather watch a good movie with all those thing previously mentioned something like: The Salton Sea, Kalifornia or Phantom Of The Paradise, The Ledge…

    But Emma Louise whoa, is sweet sultry, and snappy dresser! Oh, almost forgot she sing can like mutha! (the song Jungle) is cool! (the song Insecure) reminds me of (the song Creep) by Radiohead I think it’s in the arrangement…

    anyways women like: Beth Orton, Imogen Heap, Mae Moore, Liz Phair come to mind…

    Nice one!

    • Spencer

      Don’t you worry, my friend, this is no Gossip Girl. It’s actually a smart, funny show about teens. Totally my fave kind of show 🙂 But I completely understand if I haven’t sold you on watching it 😉 Glad you like the song though!

  • mspen

    Why didn’t anyone tell me about this emotionally available stuff when I was young??

  • whyskeletonwhy

    Spencer, as lover of all things 80’s, but especially films about proms, you should know that on Friday, November 25th Pretty in Pink is playing at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. FYI!

    • Spencer

      HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! THAT IS MY FAVE JOHN HUGHES MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!!! James Spader plays such a fucking amazing smarmy rich bastard!! And I had the HUGEST crush on Andrew McCarthy. OMG I AM SO THERE!!!!!
      Thank you so, so much for the tip!!

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