‘Hero’ FTW!


After posting my Song of the Day on Friday, I was accused of having bad taste, a claim that is impossible to refute since I genuinely like the song and have indeed now outed myself as an Enrique Iglesias fan in general (which surely must be the epitome of questionable judgment).

However! I would like to share with you two examples of my Song of the Day, ‘Hero’ being employed satirically with highly amusing results. The people behind both ‘Scrubs’ (one of my favorite TV shows) and ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ (a great movie, with John Cusack in top Cusackian form**) clearly appreciate the over-the-top amazingness of this song, and I think you will be entertained by these topical clips. Enjoy!

**Please note that I am referring in this case to ‘Better Off Dead’-style Cusackian brilliance rather than ‘Say Anything’-style Cusackian charm.

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