Song of the Day: ‘Changes’ by Stars


Have you ever felt so tired that you just want to lie your head down on your desk, feel the comforting coolness of the hard surface against your face, and close your eyes? Or maybe crawl into bed and lie in someone’s arms, so silent, so still and peaceful, all the noise and the static from the world and life and job gone, that blissfully comforting exhaustion you feel when your bodies fit perfectly together and everything just…stops. The knowledge that it’s only a short moment in time, and nothing lasts, ceases to really matter. All conscious thought derailed. Sometimes lying in someone’s arms really does feel, well, perfect…and yes I am fully aware of how supergross and cheesy that sounds. But it’s true.

Anyway, this song makes me think about all of that. So it’s my song of the day. Enjoy!

*Note: there is an official video for this song, which can be viewed here (NSFW), but I dunno, sometimes I just prefer fewer visuals.

2 responses to “Song of the Day: ‘Changes’ by Stars

  • whyskeletonwhy

    Lovely song. And not taking anything away from its loveliness – does anyone else hear Madonna’s True Blue pulsing away in the slow-motion background?

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