You Are All Winners to ME!


A big thank you to everyone who entered LTRV’s contest to win tickets to My Morning Jacket! We received some amazing best-concert-ever stories, and it was very difficult choosing between them. I removed myself from the selection process, relying instead of a panel of nine experts (i.e. drunk friends at my cottage) to determine the winner. After careful consideration, they chose two semi-finalists and then cast their votes for the ultimate victor, who has been notified. Although only one of you gets the tickets, I want you to know that you are all winners to me. 🙂 Srsly, though, the stories were highly entertaining, so thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

We have more contests and giveaways planned in the upcoming months, so keep watching this space!

In the meantime, here is a tune, ‘Victory Dance’, from My Morning Jacket’s latest album, Circuital. I was checking out set lists, and they’ve been opening the shows on their tour with this song and closing with my other favorite, ‘One Big Holiday’. Gah!!! If I didn’t have the consolation of going to see U2 I would be punching myself in the face right now for missing this show. Anyway, I couldn’t find a decent quality recording of a live performance of this song on YouTube, but the audio is attached. Enjoy!

2 responses to “You Are All Winners to ME!

  • Mamy

    Congrats to the winner!!! A footnote, this Friday; dirty rockn roll, in a dirty bar in a dirty town. Have a feeling it will be the explosion of a new Dirty Band from Saskatoon…Sheep Dogs. Check them out on on Youtube.

    • Spencer

      aw, dude. if we weren’t going up north I would totally check that out with you.
      btw we were at Stratengers recently and I thought of you! (of course)

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