Sixx Appeal

I do a lot of reading in my spare time. Obviously I am super into books about music, but I also love young adult fiction. It’s one of my favourite forms of escapism. I order lots of books online and as such I receive e-mails all the time from my bookstore, generally with titles such as “Sizzling Summer Reads for Teens” and the like. I usually delete these (my go-to source for YA book recos is the awesome blog Forever Young Adult) but one e-mail caught my eye recently, as it had the words “Nikki Sixx” in the title.

It would be an understatement to say that I’m a huge fan. Mötley Crüe: The Dirt is my favourite music bio of all time and pretty much the inspiration for this site, and Nikki Sixx is the top grade in my Book Review Grading system. So you can imagine my excitement when I opened the e-mail to find out that the man himself was appearing live in person at my local Chapters to autograph copies of his new book, This Is Gonna Hurt. To be honest with you, it wasn’t even on my radar that he had a new book published. But I read The Heroin Diaries a few years back and really enjoyed it, so I was stoked to get my hands on a copy of This is Gonna Hurt, and the added bonus of coming face to face with one of my idols was an opportunity not to be missed.

When we got there on the day of the signing the place was a total zoo (apparently there are lots of Crüe fans in Toronto!) but AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, I had a book in hand to pass the time away as we waited for our face time with Nikki. I started reading and was so engrossed that I basically left poor Thinfinn to fend for himself.

Spencer reading

Thankfully he is a gregarious type and became fast friends with the girl in front of us in line and the couple behind us, Darnell and Jenn, who were awesome. Darnell is a bass player and had brought along his bass in hopes that Nikki would sign it. The bookstore staff were going around saying that he would only sign books and CDs, but we assured Darnell that a rad dude like Nikki would not turn away a fellow bass player.

United in fandom

Anyway, after a veeeeery long wait (like seriously, y’all, it was hours. But he was taking his time with each person in line, which I fully respect) I got my book signed and exchanged a few words with Nikki. I told him about Let Them Read Vinyl and explained his position as top marks in our book review grading, which elicited a smile. He was gracious and friendly, and seemed quite honoured at the turnout.

nikki sixx

nikki sixx
Yup, that’s an LTRV business card in his hands. You didn’t think
I’d pass up the opportunity, did you?

And as for Darnell’s bass…?


Yeah, of course he signed it. Was there ever any doubt?

Up next is our review of This is Gonna Hurt, so check back soon!

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