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Lasers, Space & a Robot Claw…Just a Typical Night with U2

U2 360 Tour

You guys, I am probably the worst person here at Let Them Eat Vinyl to review last night’s U2 show. I love them so much that they could just walk out onstage and do nothing and I’d be all “Yay! They were great!” But Thinfinn is still working on his review of New York Dolls / Poison / Mötley Crüe at the Molson Amphitheatre (as his editor I am getting impatient, but anyone out there who knows the man knows you can’t rush him :)) so I have no one else to pawn this off on. So you’re stuck with me I guess. Here goes.

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My Head Was Feeling Scared But My Heart Was Feeling Free


BOOK REVIEW FOR: Fool The World: The Oral History Of A Band Called Pixies

Authors: Josh Frank & Caryn Ganz

fool the world

What’s the Story, Morning Glory: the history of late ’80s/early ’90s weird-rock outfit PIXIES

Who Are You: just a group of polite, hard-working kids from Boston

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy: I don’t really wanna make out with any of you, but I am in love with your music

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About: inter-band tension, UFO’s

Paperback Writer: spoken word

add it up: the book’s an enjoyable read, the music is out of this world

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Movie Madness: Bieber in 3D

never say never

Dearest, dearest readers. Here at Let Them Eat Vinyl, we are ever devoted to bringing you the latest in music and pop culture news.  There is no mountain too high, no valley too low, no rock left unturned in our quest to inform, amuse, and delight you.

The latest adventure in the name of our noble cause came in the form of an expedition to the local multiplex on a sunny Monday afternoon.  What, pray tell, was our destination? A last-minute viewing of an Oscar contender in advance of this weekend’s ceremonies, perhaps? Nay. Instead, we were en route to witness the Odyssean tale of a young boy’s meteoric rise to the top, armed with nothing but a voice, a dream, and a blow dryer.

That boy, of course, is Justin Bieber. “How has one so young become such a global star, so quickly?” we wondered to ourselves. “What power and influence now lie at his fingertips?” and, of course, “What is the purpose of that haircut?”

The answers, dear reader, lie within…

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